Why I created a Telegram channel

Why I created a Telegram channel

Jan 13, 2021ยท

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I have been working for almost 10 years. If I add my university and script kiddie years, I have probably collected 15-20 years of resources to learn and help me work on my projects.

While obviously most of the online resources I have collected are likely outdated or not available anymore, a lot are still available and intemporal.

Tools like daily.dev(which I recommend you to use) are great to browse and curate newly published articles, but there are not many similar things for old resources resharing.

That is why I decided (re)share my collection of resources! And I have been doing it at a pace of 2 links per day on my Telegram channel. Which I sometimes complement with some thoughts or articles from my blog.

For those who are not familiar with Telegram, it is an instant messaging application available on iOS and Android, which focuses on privacy and simplicity. For your information, it is also available on Desktop, but you need to create an account on your mobile first. Link: telegram.org

So, subscribe to my channel: t.me/sonny_ad! Get daily resources to learn from. And leave me some feedback below in the comments.

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