What is Hashnode?

What is Hashnode?

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Sonny Alves Dias
·Jan 21, 2021·

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Hashnode is a blogging platform dedicated to developers and people around software development. And this is the platform powering my current blog.

Why should you join?

  • No-code ✔️
    Create an account and start blogging right away, without a line of code.

  • Markdown Ⓜ️
    Write your article in Markdown, and some HTML as well. And there's a preview!

  • Custom domain 📇
    Map your custom domain to your Hashnode blog like me

  • Great community 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
    Authors regularly exchange in the comment section of their articles! And there is a Discord too.

  • Analytics 📈
    Directly in their dashboard, or link your favorite provider like Google Analytics, Plausible, Matomo, etc.

  • Synergy with 🤝
    Get the browser extension and create an account. Then you can link your Hashnode account with it. And your articles may be picked up by automatically. It will drive traffic to your blog automatically.

  • And more ➕
    Writing bootcamps, Support, Achievements you can unlock (called badges), some swag, AMA, GraphQL API, ...

So don't hesitate, join Hashnode, start blogging! Or even just for commenting on my articles haha!
Use my referral link to join the community: It may make me an ambassador and unlock some features for me, to be transparent.

Tips: if you do start a blog, you can also submit your articles on Hacker News here: super easily. It may drive even more readers to your blog!

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