Perseverance is NOT the key to success

Perseverance is NOT the key to success

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Perseverance is a necessity. If you don't have any perseverance, you will never get value from anything.

To me, the key to success is the team. There is a saying that says:

If you want to go fast - go alone! But if you want to go far - go together.

If you have a good team, you can do anything.

While I do believe that anything is possible and that anybody can learn anything, Time is limited.

The technical progress may let us think that we have more and more time, but it is counter-balanced by complexity and the number of tools released every day.

We are over flooded with tons of concepts and tools, that it is literally impossible to go into details for everything.

So we all personally have choices to make. And we should be humble on our own limitations.

At Pixelmatic, it has not been easy, but we have gathered an awesome team over the years. A team composed of people from multiple cultures and backgrounds (indie game, AAA game, software, etc.). All sharing a passion for video games and dedicated to making our next game Infinite Fleet a big hit!

You, too, can make it! Work on your network, meet and exchange with people, and build a team around your project. Don't hesitate to apply to Pixelmatic if you are interested in our project as well!

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

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