Neglecting cyber-security

Neglecting cyber-security

Sonny Alves Dias
ยทDec 27, 2020ยท

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Let's imagine. As a new graduate software engineering student, you find your first job in a small startup. Where you are the only engineer.

You get assigned an internal project to improve the quality of life of the company. A project that involves handling all the customersโ€™ data and notes from the company. All the critical data on your hands.

Then you apply what you learned at school and in tutorials, you create a front-end, a back-end, and quickly set up a database. You do a proof-of-concept (PoC). All the team is now super excited by your app. As a result, feature requests start to rain.

Time is money, so you build on top of your PoC. You add features one by one. You start to have a great product and getting adoption from the team.

Everything is great!

The next day, you arrive at the office. The app is down. That happens sometimes. Generally, a reboot of the back-end fixes it.

It does not work this time. You start digging into the issue. The team is calling you for support. But you are clueless.

Finally, you identify a problem with the database. You restart it. The app works now! But itโ€™s empty. All data is gone! You check the database content to find a ransomware message asking you to pay X bitcoins to get back your data.

The next day you lose your job and your product gets abandoned.

Time is money, itโ€™s true, and you may neglect cyber-security when thereโ€™s nothing at stake. But when there is, donโ€™t treat cyber-security as if it was a virtual reality problem.

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