I may be a Nintendo fanboy, but...

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I may be a Nintendo fanboy, but...


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From the POV of a game developer

I admire the quality of their work.

  • They polish their games very well!
  • Their games have very few bugs.
  • They perfect the gameplay of their games through generations, like Mario.
  • But they take risks and try new things, like making an open world with Zelda Breath of the Wild.
  • They focus on the game experience, offering their best in gaming every time.

To me, Nintendo has truly been the most significant actor in video games. They helped to democratize video games with their Famicom. And nailed the mass adoption with the Wii and more recently the Switch.

It's very exceptional that a company is by itself defining and representing a whole industry.

From the POV of a company executive

On top of their longevity, I am impressed by their courage and vision.

  • They launched the Game Boy while its hardware was already obsolete, somehow. But making a huge success with it because of its cheap price, autonomy, and good catalog of games.
  • After the Nintendo 64, their competitors entered a race for the most powerful consoles. While they stuck to their vision and principles, which lead to their success with the Wii.
  • Since ever, they always had two major hardware products at any time: a home console and a portable console. They made the bet of creating a hybrid product: the Switch, both a home and portable console, and met success with it!

They take risks and sometimes met failures. Like with the Visual Boy, the Game Cube, or also the Wii U. But still, find the resources to rebound and change the game.

What I retain from Nintendo

  • User-centric vision
  • Taking risks to try new things
  • While reusing and perfecting the existing

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