As a software engineer, why specialization is not your endΒ goal

As a software engineer, why specialization is not your endΒ goal

Sonny Alves Dias
Β·Jan 7, 2021Β·

2 min read

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By specialization, I mean trap yourself into a tech, a stack, or a role. And I strongly do not recommend it for two reasons: comfort and serendipity.


Maybe the few left COBOL engineers would tell you the opposite, but staying in a comfortable situation in 2021 should not be the norm anymore.

Languages and tech are tools. Tools that evolve, live, and die.

If you want to stay in the industry long term as a software engineer, you must be flexible and know what tools you need, where, and when.

By being flexible and getting out of your comfort zone, you will secure your job and avoid launching outdated products.


By at least studying other languages and tech, you will consider new situations, new problems, and new solutions. That will enrich your culture.

And with this strong history, you may find some that apply to your field, your job, your problems that will allow you to deliver better products and services.

Now take a break. Think again of a thing you wanted to try, and plan a couple of hours to try it out.

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